Ecologic Coffee Wet Mill Compact unit UCBE 500


The ecologic coffee wet mill compact unit UCBE 500 can process ripe cherry coffee, with threshing and cracking percentages lower than 2 %, and also guaranteeing the lack of beans in the pulp.

It consists of a vertical conical DV 181 C pulping machine, that pulps the ripe cherry coffee without using water; A DELVA 500, which is a demucilaging elevator, vertical coffee washer that detaches the mucilage of the pulped bean and washes it, for delivering it ready for the drying; a circular rod filter, which sorts the coffee that is going to be processed in the DELVA; a cleaning brush; an endless pulp and mucilage mixer a rigid structure, designed to support the mentioned equipments and created for obtaining the minimal spacing and simultaneously easy to be set up and located.

  • Advantages

    • Considerable water consumption reduction of up to 80 % in comparison with the traditional benefits.
    • Faster pulp decomposition without producing unpleasant smells. Contamination reduction in the water sources.
    • The demucilaging process does not affect the coffee quality and reduces the existing risks in fermentation.
    • The coffee keeps its weight due to not loosing mass which happens during the fermentative process.
    • Conservation of the natural conditions of the pulp.
    • More than 15 % reduction in the drying times.
    • Labor costs reduction thanks to the compact design of the equipments and their user-friendliness.
    • Lower infrastructure costs since it requires just a small area for being installed.
  • Technical Specifications

    Cherry Capacity kg/Hour 450 – 500
    Required Electric power 3 HP*
    Required Gasoline power 6 HP*
    Net weight 189 kg
    Minimal installation area 4 mts2
    Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters 1,0 x 1,0 x 1,24
    Water consumption in liters 100 lt/ hour
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