Horizontal Coffee Pulper DH-4

Horizontal Coffee Pulper DH-4


Concept of a very light and versatile pulping machine that has got a resistant preformed stainless steel grater sleeve.

Ease in changing the grater sleeve: It is provided with an innovative system for the grater sleeve since this is an entire cylinder of stainless steel blade schedule 22, which is equipped with a reinforcement in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that neither oxidizes nor deforms by moisture and has got a three-time higher durability than the copper grater sleeve under normal work conditions.

This grater sleeve can easily be changed without needs for nails or blocks.

Great performance as well manual as with engine due to the handlebar location: The handlebar is located in the feeder axle therefore, when it is manually operated, a cylinder speed is achieved being the same as when one works with an engine, due to an easy adaptation to gasoline engines.

Ease for adjusting or calibrating the breast: It fits with only 8 nuts: 4 behind and 4 in front of the breast.


  • Advantages

    • The design of the breast and grater sleeve channels enables a high efficiency in the pulping and zero grain loss in the pulp
    • Pulps without using water.
    • Low cracking
    • Increases the productivity
    • Low mechanical damage
    • Major storage capacity hopper
  • Technical Specifications

    Capacity (kg Cherry Hour) 300 – 400
    Required power 0.75 HP / 1800 rpm
    Number of outputs 3
    Net weight 40,5 kilos
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